Play the Harp Beautifully Level 3

This well written and wonderfully illustrated book is designed as an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide to playing the harp for those who have completed Play the Harp – Beautifully! Level 2, or are quite familiar with playing the harp already.

Volume three includes chord theory, major and minor chords and intervals, introductions and interludes, how to have confidence in your harp playing, playing music from lead sheets and fake books, Taking care of your hands, special effects, and more. There are delightful pieces to learn, carefully explained just as you have come to expect from the Play the Harp Beautifully series. Another wonderful book for teachers to use for instruction (makes the teacher’s job easier!), or for the aspiring harpist/harper in an isolated area far from a teacher.

Samples of the music, and purchase options on this book can be found HERE
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